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SpeedRailz isn't just a competition; it's a revolution in the bartending industry, designed to showcase, support, and elevate bartenders from all walks of life. By focusing on speed, creativity, and precision, SpeedRailz offers a dynamic platform for bartenders to demonstrate their skills in a fast-paced, head-to-head format. This competition transcends traditional bartending contests, offering not only a chance to win substantial cash prizes but also unparalleled opportunities for professional development, brand exposure, and community engagement.Competition Structure: At its core, SpeedRailz is simplicity meets adrenaline. Competitors line up at their service wells, ready for action. The race kicks off with the MC's signal, followed by the bartender activating the stop clock and revealing their drink ticket—detailing 3 cocktails and 6 shots. It's a direct clash of talent, with bartenders adhering to stringent rules to avoid time penalties, all under the watchful eyes of their peers and an enthusiastic audience.
New and Additional Game Formats:
Last Man Standing (Solo Exhibition): Bartenders will go into a round and know the drinks they are making beforehand. The top half fastest will advance to the second round an so forth. Each round bartenders will know drinks before round starts. We will do this until the fastest remains.The “First Cut “Relay: As team advances they have to pick one player to shed along each round to where final match is a solo.The “Champions Final” Relay: The teams to make it to finals will face off and then each team will pick a champion to face off as a solo competitor. The average between the teams final round and their selected champions final round will be the teams total round time. The team with the lowest total time average is the winner of the final.

Fall Exhibition Schedule

July 24th: 8 Relay teams in Dallas will compete from different areas for a $500 cash prize ("Champion-Face Off Final Format")Late August: Last Man Standing Tournament in Austin. 32 bartenders faceoff in head-to-head matches for a $1000 cash prizeLate September (New York): 4 solo and 4 teams will compete from different areas for a cash prize (Solo Qualifier Round for this city)Late October (Atlanta): 4 solo and 4 teams will compete from different areas for a cash prize (Solo Qualifier Round for this city)Mid November/December (Miami): 4 solo and 4 teams will compete from different areas for a cash prize (Solo Qualifier Round for this city)

Media Onboarding Framework (Approved Bartenders Only)

To power our marketing campaigns and to ensure our competitors get access to content that builds their online brand regardless of how they finish in the contest we do need a $100 onboarding fee (For teams) or $35 for individuals who would like to be assigned to a team. This fee covers our administrative essentials that come along with integrating the bartenders into the SpeedRailz family. This money goes toward our large media costs that are paired with building an impactful community. (Fun Fact: Every member of our media team is either a current or former bartender.)Being onboarded with SpeedRailz unlocks a suite of benefits designed to elevate each bartender's profile:OTM Marketing and Media Day: Hosted at the competition host venue where the media team provides professional headshots and video interviews, but more importantly we also provide our participants with a marketing and event curation workshop plus access to consulting throughout the event campaign process in regards to their outside projects.Media Exposure to Help You Jumpstart Your Brand Building Journey: Inclusion in a wide array of content, from interviews to on-site competitions, ensuring lasting visibility. We will be using our media platforms across Instagram and YouTube to help accelerate your brand growth. (The more you win the more visibility you receive of course.)

Media and Highlights

Catch all the action from past and live events on our dedicated media page. Watch thrilling matches, insightful interviews with participants, and get a front-row seat to bartending excellence.

We're Looking for Venue Partners

Interested in hosting a SpeedRailz event? Our competitions draw large audiences and spotlight your venue to a community of enthusiastic bartending professionals and fans. Fill out our inquiry form to start the conversation about becoming a host venue.We are looking for venues in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego

Brand Development

At SpeedRailz, we're dedicated to professional development within the hospitality industry. Explore opportunities for growth through media, marketing, event curation, and operational consulting. Join our team to gain invaluable experience and elevate your career. We're also training officials to referee our events, combining skill development with real-world application.

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